Monday, October 11, 2010

Embracing American culture!

I have well and truly succumbed to the seasonal American cliches! In the last week I have:

a) Made an apple pie from scratch

b) Been pumpkin picking to select an optimal specimen (even color, smooth skin, correct height/diameter ratio) for pre-Halloween pumpkin carving this weekend

c) Gone out of my way to jump on every crunchy-looking leaf on the pavement (thus taking twice as long as usual to get anywhere and attracting concerned glances from onlookers who think I have some sort of unfortunate tic)

d) Begun planning my Halloween costume, which is apparently quite a big consideration around here. Online searching has confirmed that there is in fact a 'sexy' iteration of every conceivable outfit, including 'Sexy Nemo', 'Sexy Polar Bear', 'Sexy Construction Worker', 'Sexy Ninja Turtle' 'Sexy Lion Tamer' my personal favorite 'Sexy Chinese Take-Away Box'. I kid you not.

...God Bless America. 

1 comment:

  1. ooooh pumpkin carving!

    You must do a post about this soon! I expect photos too :P

    Sounds like much fun. Watch out for those cup measurements and corn syrup ha ha.